Computer Safety & Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. The reason that its such an important topic in computer safety is because people spend many hours in a day in front of a computer with no thought of the burden not being active can take on their body. Without activity people can feel pain, have muscle fatigue, loss of sensation, tingling, and reduced performance. Ergonomics attempts to reduce the strain, fatigue, and injuries by remodeling the work space arrangement, ultimately being as comfortable in a relaxed posture.

If using a laptop, for a lengthened amount of time a separate monitor and keyboard is recommended for usage of longer hours in a continuous sitting. Since laptops aren’t designed to be ergonomic, the monitor and keyboard are to close to each other that they both cannot be in good position for prolong use.

Posture and equipment is key according to The University of Western Australia. Placing the keyboard in a position that align with forearms and make a 90° angle. With chairs the seat should be adjusted to the user will be comfortable when working, knees should also be at a 90° angle. The posture should be adopted by the computer user that provides relaxation and provide movement, there is no single rigidly defined position.

When in a current siting of using a computer its highly recommended that the user moves, moving has many perks by relaxing tissues, lubricate joints, prevent stiffness, improves circulation, reduces fatigue, and builds stamina. Its noted by the University Of Michigan to take a break every ten minutes in a ten to twenty second, and every hour to take a two to five minute break and move around.

Exercising at a computer is recommended, there are various forms of exercises in a sitting, neck and shoulder rotations include: the rotation of your head left to right (vice versa), circling shoulders in clock and counter clockwise rotation, head side to side with a little resistance by laying hands on head, shoulder blade retraction, and shrugging. There are more exercises to do with the eyes, hands, wrist, feet, and back which have to do with relaxations, rotations, flexing, rolling, and curling. The most important is to keep fit, physical fitness is key to avoid computer related problems one can experience. If in constant pain, weakness, numbness, and other problems that hinder with daily performances, its favored to seek medical attention.


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