Difference Between Mac and Computers?

Macintosh and P.C operating systems have various differences in hardware, designs, specification, and much more. Both have their ups and downs in terms of price and what is included in the price, design, whether the system can be easily fixed, the security, and


More specifically touching upon the subject of windows, first all the price if a P.C is extremely more affordable than a mac. Using the equivalent specifications from well known brand the price of building your personal system will cost much less than the built in hardware of a mac. The exact specifications of a mac book can be found here . Again much more expensive than what they’re actually worth. Building a computer with better specs will save you money and a computer with equivalent money spent of a mac will yield in better specifications. With a more variety of customization for your system, granted the person designing the desktop knows what he or she is doing, easily following a guide online or doing it all based on expirience.


The mac usually goes with the sleek more modern look for a desktop, leaving out cords and other components that don’t comply with the design.In recent years even updating the charging port every year and removing USB ports of their laptops.The downfall of mac is usually the way the mouse has to be charged as the port is at the bottom of the mouse and cannot be used while its charging. P.C on the other hand don’t come from one single manufacture. Causing either building a personal desktop or buying a pre-made one. Of course customization is something mac doesn’t have that p.c has, so any type of case can be used to store away all the tech in.


Unfortunately in most cases any mac is impossible to upgrade, in some very difficult. Due to the sleek design that doesn’t allow to get into certain components, its a price o be paid for its design. With a p.c parts are easily replaced if broken or upgraded with no difficulties such as replacing graphics card, RAM, or any up-gradable components.


Macs are more secure than p.c windows users. Due to the constant updating to the newest software apple produces (OS X). However, hackers don’t target apple using people mainly because there isn’t a sheer number of people to target.- “Macs still aren’t popular enough to be worth the effort.”



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