Top 5 bad thing on software and hardware and how to make it good

There are a variety of problems that can attack and delay your computer (software/hardware). There are the five most annoying and deadly malfunctions a computer can have.

Blue Screen of Death

Some say the blue screen of death, referred to a STOP Error is considerably the worst type of error and it is according to . The blue screen is normally caused by complications with a computers hardware or with the driver software. Unlike application crashes the screen brings down the whole system. Mainly caused by hardware problems and issues with low-level software running. Whenever the screen occurs is practically crashes windows and the computer has to restart, which can lead up to loss of data as some applications didn’t have the chance to save properly. Most Blue screens of death show a Stop code that can help configure out the root cause of the screen. Depending on the type of error code which is given when the blue screen appears, can take hours to fix. Including losing all previous data the computer had and system restoring. Even in some cases having to reinstall windows completely.

Missing DDL File?

A DDL file is a dynamic link library file format used for holding multiple codes and agendas for windows programs. DLL errors are especially troublesome because the are a plethora of them. Also many ways to fix with each having their own guidelines posted all over the internet. Its strongly recommended by that there shall be no downloading from un-trusted sources or attempting to replace missing or corrupt files. In some cases all that is needed is a simple restart since its a temporary problem. In the end reinstall the program that uses the DDL.

Applications that Wont Install

Occasionally there are errors when installing software on windows, the installer of he application may refuse to run, report an error code, or even fail for no reason. The proper fix is to troubleshoot the problem and re-install normally. In some cases run as administrator and manually run the installer.

Applications Run Slowly 

Mainly a server problem, most common problems are caused from server issues. But, the computer at times is faulty and upgraded drivers are recommended.

 Abnormal Application Behavior 

Abnormal application behavior is a computer problem that involves applications acting in a very strange way. The application is usually not to blame, in some cases the computer or monitor is to be faulty. The recommended is to restart the computer, if still experiencing problems user Manuel will help


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