The Wonders of A Multimedia Presentation

There are multiple chunks that defines what Multimedia Presentation actually means. Multimedia presentation is different from a regular presentations the two most popular to be used are adobe and power point because of the abilities they have. Including but are not limited to: sound, video or movie clip, animation, or navigation structure.


Multimedia: Different types of media including text, video, sound, graphics and animations. With this being said Multimedia has four different segments to it. A presentable text is key whenever doing any type of multimedia design whether for contact information, prices, service available, title, or location proper text is either soothing text or text with a to the eye will draw in people. For video quality content, good quality, and organization are whats best for drawing in people. From a subtle whisper to a trumpeting scream music, it can transform a mediocre presentation into a more professional one. Multimedia graphics come in various forms from an animated GIF to different dimensional graphics, whenever used properly its very appealing to the eye.

Adobe Flash

Although very difficult to use Adobe Flash it can be very rewarding and be used to build a unique powerful design with different tools such as the oval tool. Even professionals sometimes have difficulties with using the program.

Power Point

Often referred as the easiest of all software’s to use for a multimedia presentation. Its able to add video, sound or soundtracks, and pre-made animations which are not all bad at all. Its best known for its ability to easily edited. It can have video clips, music and soundand animations.

Audio Clips

The audio clip doesn’t necessarily need to be a actual clip but rather can be a voice over, background music. Any is ideal for the presentation whether the voice over, and explaining all components of the presentation and interacting with the crowd in some cases. Background music keeps the flow of the presentation going based on theme. Audio clips are good for deep explanations of a subject or about anything that needs a brief explanation.

Movie/Video Clips

Whether to get a point across to the audience or to post a fun video to keep the attention of an audience, graphic clips are essential for grasping peoples attention in a fun way.


Animations are an eye catching design that can make a multimedia presentation a piece of art. When done right the design can compliment the parallel structure of the entire presentation.


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