Digital Cameras?

There are several cameras for many uses and price ranges that match with the type of camera and its capacity. With each having the abilities to zoom in some 3x and others 40x depending on the type of camera and if there are attachments like an extra lenses that allow the camera to zoom and focus better.

Smart Phone Cameras 

The digital camera on a smart phone can vary on the type of phone that is being used. The most convenient is that the phone is always by your side and ready. It cannot be used for professional use because it wont have enough pixels and its low quality.

Compact Digital Cameras 

With the minimal three times zoom and coming in various types and sizes, it is often referred to as the “point and shoot camera”. The smaller more compact size and lightness makes the camera easier to carry around. A fairly cheap camera that varies in prices from less than a hundred to a couple hundred dollars. This cost comes with the price of not being able to manually adjust camera settings like shutter speed, aperture, and others. Its perfect for a beginner and casual photographers. A wide variety of compact digital cameras can be found here.

Zoom Compact

Its a step up from the previous camera, with an approximate maximum of thirty times zoom it outperforms its compact counterpart. Fairly inexpensive with the more luxurious models coming in at five hundred dollars. It still doesn’t provide best quality with no interchangeable lenses, and again no manual custom settings.

Advance Compact 

With manual settings like focusing, and exposure it outperforms drastically any compact camera for professional use. With of course limited features compared to other cameras and no interchangeable lenses. The device is scratching the thousand dollar with the camera fetching the seven hundred to thousand dollar mark.

Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR Cameras)

Arguably the most popular camera since it came out in the 90’s, its amateur and professional friendly. With the ability to change aperture, shutter speed, or program modes in manual. A DSLR can cost from three hundred to several thousands of dollars a wide variety can be found here. It has interchangeable lenses which help the quality of the camera and improve it for professional use. Due to the fact of its image sensor size, cameras with larger sensors produce better quality pictures generally.





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