Rap Battle Raster Vs Vector, BEGIN!

There are various uses for both raster and vector images always depending on what you really need and specifications. Whether for a small memorable post card or a huge business bill board. Both raster and vector images are equally useful for their creators designation.


“A raster image is made of up pixels, each a different color, arranged to display an image.” Often being to referred as to bitmaps, also being made up of millions of tiny squares known as pixels. Identifying a raster image, zooming in the millions of square pixels will begin to outline making the original image look fuzzy and blurry as the way which its being viewed as. These raster images will always have a larger file size including its higher DPI (dots per inch) and PPI (pixels per inch), due to the fact that all the pixels have to be rendered. For logo use, its strongly recommended to not use a raster image for logos due to the fact when the image it enlarged, it will become extremely pixelated and unprofessional for business use as it isn’t pleasing to the human eye. Furthermore logos are based on a collection of words and vector designs. Whenever a raster is used its primarily for digital purposes; not for printing purposes, unless saved in a high DPI for the image to not be pixelated.


Vector images, which are made of thin lines and curves known as paths, are rooted in mathematical theory. This mathematical theory makes it so that no matter the size the vector image will look smooth and not blurry, or loosing quality like a raster image would when up sized by a vast majority. This is optimal when creating logos because of the capability to have more flexibility in altering a logo whether web or printed, there will be no need for a recreation of the image. Because of its strength of of being a re sizable image. Vector graphics arent photographs not to be confused as vectors are created with paths and pictures with pixels. It has the advantage of being a smaller file compared to its raster counterpart, because of it not actually a being pixel per pixel save. Instead its a mathematical description, due to it being one its easier to transfer between computers and over the internet.

In conclusion raster images is the standard in digital photography and used for works published digitally. While vectors are best for logos and illustrations, make sure to chose correctly for own work.


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