Proprietary Copyrights of Fonts

In today’s society most important documents are turned in with writing, with the selection of fonts taken into consideration. When writing an article you want to use the right fonts for your boss or an important document. If you want a special font, you go and download one from a reputable source where you wont get a virus or software malfunctions. Sometimes when using the wrong font for an article, corporations or people may copyright claim you for using their work without authorization to do so.

The Suit

For example, when a huge business were to use a font that belongs to another organization, they can copyright claim; and sue the organization that used their font without permission. Due to loss of profit or other claims, upwards of millions of dollars can be sued for.

Fonts, Copyright laws, and Licensing

Technically, a “font” is a computer file or program that’s used to tell your printer how to print the shape of a letter of character or how it’s supposed to look on your computer screen.

The U.S. protects authors works with a copyright document which generally covers writing, arts, music, and various other types of works which fonts fall under the category.Generally you need the authors permission to use the copyright product you wish to use,  “As a general rule, the copyright laws don’t cover typefaces, but fonts may be protected by copyright so long as the font qualifies as computer software or a program. Today, most fonts you come across are in fact programs or software.”

Licensing a product is when the owner of the material allows use of the copyright material, most of the time, you are charged a fee with restrictions on the amount of times you are allowed to use the font. Sometimes even on what platform you are allowed to use the font. For example you are licensed to use the font on computer screen only and not printed works.

Using Fonts

If you buy a font from an online reputable source, the license of the font is usually included. Read carefully (more than likely a lot to read) the user agreement. Possibly the font is only allowed to be downloaded to one computer and restricted to that single one. Sometimes “free” fonts from websites that can be downloaded with no constrains may be illegally copied from another website that sells the font. Pick and choose carefully for fonts and make sure to read agreements, to ensure you wont be sued.


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