How do the Pro’s target their audience?

When writing anything, whether it be an article or paper, you have to take into consideration what type of audience your trying to get to. Whether your target audience is a specific person or a group of people, you are trying to get their attention and their interest. This same strategy should be used by designers who are creating websites and taking into consideration who their target audience is. By keeping the target audience in mind the designer can make better decisions about the look or feel of the website.


Always do research on who your target audience is, what they do, and how they want to be approached.What kind of services do these people offer, how they pick and choose products, what they want, what they aren’t interested in, how to better their life. More factors that can be taken into consideration would be their age, job title, education, and how the person will interact with the website. If you don’t have data to research, start assuming with educated guesses. You may want to survey your customers to learn why and how they buy, just take into consideration some people may feed false information.

Content Layout

Represent your company well, this impression will impress your target audience on how either professional your website is or how creative you are with it. How to display your information on your website is key, where everything goes is crucial. Whether it be a more spread out approach or a more traditional tight website it differs for who the target audience is. For kids, you may want to take a more spread out approach because it will appeal to them more. To adults take a more standard approach like many websites having links on top and other factors that mock traditional websites.

Color Choice

Today there are many different fonts and colors available for use from Google’s web safe font collection. But the selection of fonts and colors are crucial for websites. For kids take a more loose approach and more creativity to it. For a corporate website its recommended to use more conservative fonts and black and white colors, not to say you cant use any other color than black and white.


For the target audience, the information presented will affect their thoughts on the website. A more formal approach is key for adults and a more loose would suit children.

For more pro tips and information click here.


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