Optimizations of the Page of Web

Faster site speed leads to happier users, increased productivity, and more time users spend browsing when it comes to user experience. Moreover, many people when face a slow website loading page, they often leave it within a couple seconds not giving it a chance to load completely. Since we are in a state where websites should load to expectancy such as two seconds or less, much less. The sites speed of loading does impact the satisfaction, no matter how the site looks, if it does not load relatively fast the user will click away and never see the website. When it comes to SEO googles page ranking, how high your page appears in search. Page speed is a contributing factor when google pulls up results, so does bing. When you have a lower loading speed you may suffer being put on later pages which can lead to less people on your website.

How to check your websites speed 

Pingdom.com this reviews site performance, grades it, and tracks performance history so you can view how faster or slower your website as gotten. gtmetrix.com analyzes how well your site loads, investigates both YSlow scores and page speed, and how to alter load timings for your convenience. YSlow grades webpages on how they meet high performance guidelines, and how to improve your website, YSlow also offers a Chrome extension to test the speed of the website. Googles page speed insights is easy to use and the results are instant, it offers things to improve on such as: “should fix”, “consider fixing”, and “passed rules”. This is the most popular since it corresponds with the SEO and can help you have your website on the top of the google search. Which also offers the rights tools and qualifications to help with your website, websites such as Pingdom can vary with measuring tools, google page speed insights is the way to go.

Ways to improve website load speed

Often new comers go the cheap route using shared hosting, which is alright because it isn’t necessary to have very fast speed because not to many people will be using your website at the start. However, when you get bigger ad site usage grows, your site speed will slow overtime. Resulting in upgrading your hosting plan or moving to a VPS/ dedicated option. When upgrading from a basic shared plan, users and yourself notice the difference immediately due to the dedicated resources.


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