Web Test?

Companies still use user testing, although not as much as before. However some companies still invest into user testing, for example: a new feature is implemented and corporate does not know how the user would interact with the new feature. User research can provide valuable insight.

Track Improvements

The best outcome of user testing is that you will be able to validate your assumptions. You can track those assumptions over time, continuously giving you measurable data back for your evaluation. You can categorize your tracking of improvements however you may like or categorize what would need work and what may seem confusing.

Reduce Your Costs

User testing will give you feedback from your users and will help you make a research-backed user center decisions. Help you avoid expensive development errors which would cost you terribly. Fixing an error after development would be more expensive than it would have been before. It could have been avoided by user testing rather then spending the time re working the website. There are multiple factors when it comes to this: wrong assumptions about users, features no one uses, or confusing navigation. Developers time is expensive, you can save hundreds of engineering hours and thousands of hours which would have not been wasted with user testing. Its the best way to go and to read more about it click here.

Find Where Your Customers Get Stuck

Probably the most beneficial features when using user testing is to see where your visitors do not understand what to do and or get stuck on. Some examples of this would be: misleading navigation, problems with creating accounts or signing in, buttons not properly functioning, or inaccurate search results. Sometimes your visitors might be multitasking and may not pay their full attention to your website and may not understand what your website may be wanting to do. So you have to take the extra step to make your website the most simplest it can possibly be.

Getting a Unbiased Perspective

You become pretty attached to your work, where your bias will always be there no matter what. On the users end opinions may differ due to complications where you the designer may understand but may seem unclear to others. User testing gives you the ability to the experience of using your website through other eyes with their opinion on it. View it their way and understand why the feature or layout isn’t appealing to them, learn more here.


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