UI and UX wait who?

UX is user experience design for short, while UI is user interface design. Both of there elements are crucial to the website itself, they work closely together with each other. However, their relations with each other does not mean they’re the same, the roles that are played by both differ by a margin. User experience design being the more complex of the two due to its responsibility to have the optimizations and measurements to support the site. User interface are the cosmetics of the site such as the colors.

User Experience Design

The process of the satisfaction by improving usability, ease of use, and interaction between customer and product using the design. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a digital product or anything related to tech, its the connection of user availability and how the product can be interacted with. The user experience is any and all interactions between potential, or active customers. However, of the term it has been used almost entirely in the digital fields. Its referred as a substitute word to “market research.” The term started to be recognized when the industry of anything digital came about, which was also around the terms invention. User experience design is the process of development with improvement of the quality interaction between the user and the company. Its responsible for being hands on with the research, testing, development, content, and prototyping to test for resulting interactions. Whether its okay or good to have the product the way that it is. For examples of user experience click here.

User Interface Design

The process of focusing on the optimization of the product and cosmetics of a product based on effectiveness and entertainment to user. User interface is based on the look and the feel of the product, the inter activeness and the way its presented. User interface is challenged with the attractiveness of the product and responsiveness for the user. Which can sometimes be confused with user experience however it is somewhat different. User interface is visually strong to best enhanced for the users benefit. Being visually guiding with interactive elements is key for a strong interpretation of user interface. The skin of a product can also be a term to describe user interface. The products reactivity and interactivity in response to the users input is different from user experience. Due to it being a different form of structuring the product, for more examples of user interface click here.


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