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Online display ads have become the normal in anyone’s internet experience, which is why you should know what size you should have to best represent your business. These ads can be very difficult when trying to show what your business is about. However, when done successfully those ads can be very successful for your campaign and increase revenue.

With many different web banner ads there are many great performing ones, whether they’re positioned the right way they can increase your revenue. Also when they are wider they’re more of a friendly to the viewer at a glance they can read more without interruption.

Make sure that your ads do not exceed 150 KB in file size. Anything bigger than that will be disproved by google due to the bigger file size will take more time to load and be slow compared to other ads. After designing the graphics for the ad your product should be in JPEG, SWF, PNG, or GIF formats. To learn more about appropriate web ad sizes depending on what the content is click here.

Banner (460 x 60)

A smaller type of web advertising which can still have a impact on the website depending on content. This ad resides along edges and does well with words.

Leader board (728 x 90)

This web ad tends to have more ad inventory available from advertisers, which can increase earnings when both text and images ads are enabled. It performs its best when its placed above the main content and forum sites. There always be more content on the leader board when its animated and items such as inventory are fading in and out which also increases revenue.

Inline Rectangle (300 x 250)

Also known as a medium rectangle, It works best when its on the right or left side of content which where it can be eye popping to the viewer.  This ad can be animated to show more inventory.

Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

Also known as a large rectangle, it performs best when its embedded within text content or at the end or articles to catch the viewers attention when done reading. Since there is more space available there can be more content for a specific audience,

Half Page(120 x 600)

A visually impacting virtual ad which are proffered by brand advertisers, due to their massive size it will most likely catch the readers attention.

There are more than just these ad sizes that are usable, to learn more about other ad sizes click here.


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