Audio Designer

Education & Training

Sound designers go to school in order to learn about the programs they’ll be using to be an audio engineer and mix music. However, a lot of the learning is done when you’re on the job. It’s best to interact with the software and use it with simple jobs and progress from there. Having experience at a studio gives you an upper hand because it teaches you about your composition. Also you have the ability to interact with equipment that the typical engineer wouldn’t have. In some cases you will have to rely on your own skill due to budget or not enough time with equipment that would facilitate your work.

1.Sound Technician

Sound technicians are usually the ones who are at concerts responsible for high quality sounds during performances. Setting up all the equipment and making sure nothing fails during the performance with the rest of the crew. Supervising where all equipment is and sound checking all the equipment to make sure nothings wrong. Some even go the extra step working with the soundboard during the live performance.

2.Music Editor

Music editors are responsible for the correlation between visual representation and its music counterpart. An example of this would be a video game where the image or film is synchronized with the music. Music editors can also branch out to fine tune the music such as working on the music sensitivity, ear balance, and awareness of how the music can impact the visual aspect and dramatic effect . To learn more about this job click here.

3.Audio Developer

Audio developers create, collect, or compile sound effects and music to be used in apps, video games, and other web-based features. The lead audio developer may record sounds or music or draw from a preexisting sonic library, or both, and may oversee voice-over recording sessions. The audio developer’s primary role is to ensure that the finished product contains professional-quality audio. An audio developer should possess electronic production and sound design skills, a working knowledge of professional audio recording and editing software, a creative mindset, and typically must harness the ability to deliver results under tight deadlines.


A DJ would be in charge of editing the originals of songs completely recreating it, altering a few things, or mix it with other songs. The DJ can also perform for live audiences using a pre-made playlists.

5.Audio Engineer for Video

Audio Engineers for video are also responsible for synchronization of tunes correlating with its visual counterpart. To learn more about this job click here.



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