Creative Productivity

Qualifications and Expectations

For a media production manager the job may require a bachelors degree. Being a media production manager you should have experience in the practical aspects of production, such as filming, lighting, recording, and editing. These are key to your success in whatever field your’e put in. Media Production managers come from a variety of different backgrounds in the media industry, some work in doors studio film and some others do work outdoors to do photo shoots, while others script supervise or are production assistants. Most creative directors start with a bachelors degree in the creative field, creative directors usually come from being copywriters. designers, art director, and similar creative backgrounds Learn more here. Having creativity, analytical skills, decision making skills, interpersonal skills, management skills are essential to a creative directors work.


Media production managers review finished scripts, draw up initial schedules and budget estimates. See all the resources it will take for the program, including actors or presenters, locations or studio facilities, props, crew, and equipment. Production procedures are about the same concept, to share what they will do with the particular work, and if there are any problems with scheduling such as weather afflictions. Both usually negotiate with actors and crews to stay within budget, obtain copyrighted music, pictures, or content, and ensure the team complies with health and safety regulations. Creative designers need to be innovative as they always want to think of ways to improve in existing material, come up with new ideas to make products more appealing. Oversee what other creative roles are doing and make it better or come up with something much better. A creative director is restricted to keep things on brand never leaving the guidelines its essential to make sure things never slip. While being a creative designer is more of a loose job where your job allows you to give your own twist, media production managers are more hands on but sticking to guidelines. Creative directors are usually in charge of the design team, which goes from junior to senior designers, as well as any web-based creative. I also would say that the creative director is responsible for anyone in the company when it comes down to how things are going to look. You need to have a real understanding and love for your company because you are looking after its image. In the end you have to love your job, learn more here.


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